The Many Benefits of Breastfeeding: Mom

This second post in my Many Benefits  of Breastfeeding Series will focus on the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother. Most people are aware that there are several benefits of breastfeeding for a child, but did you know that there are more than a few benefits for the mother as well? The following is a list of some of the benefits for mom:

  • Breastfeeding decreases the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Breastfeeding decreases the risk of developing ovarian cancer.
  • Breastfeeding increasing bonding between you and your baby.
  • Breastfeeding lowers the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Breastfeeding helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnant size more quickly.
  • Breastfeeding burns calories and therefore helps with weight loss.
  • For diabetic mothers, breastfeeding decreases the amount of insulin a mother must take.
  • Breastfeeding is free!
  • Breastfeeding mothers save money, not only on formula but on doctors visits as well.
  • Breastfeeding releases special relaxation hormones that help moms fall asleep(and back to sleep) at night.
  • Breastfeeding moms get more sleep! Even if baby is waking up frequently, nursing does not involve getting up to prepare a bottle(during this time baby may wake up more fully then they would by simply nursing). Sleeping with baby close by helps everyone get even more sleep.
  • Diapers of babies who are breastfed are much less unpleasant to change.
  • Breastfeeding saves time and energy, no packing of supplies when heading out or making bottles when baby is hungry.
  • Breastfeeding mothers have a lower risk of postpartum depression.
  • Breastfeeding lowers a mothers risk of anemia.
  • Breastfeeding decreases a mothers risk of osteoporosis.
  • Working breastfeeding parents miss less work due to fewer sick days for their child.
  • Breastfeeding acts as a natural contraceptive by delaying the return of fertility. An added bonus is the money saved on menstrual supplies.