Seasonal Allergies While Breastfeeding

The sun is finally out in Oregon and my allergies are attacking with full force this year. As a breastfeeding mama I often have to do a little digging to find suitable remedies for my different ailments. Although many medications are fine while breastfeeding(it’s still a good idea to try to find a natural remedy if possible), antihistamines have been shown to lower a mothers milk supply. So I thought I would present a few alternatives for those of us that just need a little help getting through the beginning of the season:

  • Nettle Tea– Many people swear by Nettle Tea for seasonal allergy relief. Drink 3-4 cups a day. Tea can be made using loose leafs or, if you are like me and have never gotten in the swing of making loose leaf tea, you can try an already bagged brand such as Alvita or Traditional Medicinals.
    • Local Honey – If your allergy is to pollen, ingesting honey that is made from local bees can be quite effective at combating allergies. Try to find honey that was made as close to your home as possible. Honey is often available this time of year at a local farmers market.
    • Netti-Pot – Oh the sinus pressure! Netti-pots are small containers shaped like a tea kettle with a longer stem.To use the netti-pot you fill it up with warm water with a bit of salt, stand over a sink, pour the water in one nostril and let it drain out of the other. Although it is not the most pleasant experience, it really works to help clear out sinuses.
  • Spicy food – I’m sure many of you have noticed that when you eat food that is spicy, your nose starts to run. Eating spicy food every so often will help to keep your sinuses from getting too backed up; just make sure to have some tissues handy!

It is not the most comprehensive list but I only wanted to speak to the remedies that I have tried. I would love to hear what has worked for you; perhaps together we can offer several natural and safe allergy remedies for breastfeeding mamas to try!