Review of the My Pillow

When it comes down to My Pillow, you are looking a pillow that will give you a great night sleep without any hassle. The luxurious My Pillow is poly filled and the patented interlocking fill creates great support that doesn’t flatten the way that normal poly filled pillows will. This unique design gives you a supportive and cool comfort that keeps your back and head in the right position to help avoid common sleep related issues and even reduce pain from illnesses and injuries.

On to the My Pillow review

Your neck is most vulnerable when you are sleeping and when it is unsupported it can bend in ways that make it really hard to stay asleep and even cause pinched nerves and create tender and sore muscles. The pinched nerves in your neck are the main causes for headaches and some migraines, sore shoulders, lower back pain, sore legs, tingling in the arms, and stiff neck muscles. The My Pillow provides you with firm support that allows you to rest on a comfortable and cool surface that is smooth and lush like a 5-star resort.  I found this really funny!

My Pillow offers a patented interlocking fill, 4 different loft choices, a 10-year warranty, it is made in the USA, is machine washable, and will not flatten.

Time for my review of the My Pillow

The filling for My Pillow is completely made in the USA and only of the highest quality fibers. It comes with an open cell design that gives the pillow resilience, allows for great air flow, and buoyancy that keeps the pillow cool, reduces body and room heat and keeps moisture and mildew as well as model in the core. Because My Pillow is washable, you can keep the whole pillow clean just by throwing it in the washer and dryer, so you are able to sleep comfortably without a chemical smell.

Why I chose to buy the My Pillow

I’d for quite some time been captivated by the My Pillow plugs and had a companion let me know quite a long while prior that she worshiped her My Pillow and it was the best one she’d ever had. However, I just couldn’t accommodate requesting a cushion online that I’d never felt or tried and on the off chance that you’ve been understanding this web journal sufficiently long you know I could snooze off in the walkway seat of a plane with no neck pad.

The My Pillow tick of approval

The My Pillow is so well designed that the company offers the longest guarantees in the sleep industry. You will get a 10-year warranty. Unlike foam pillows, this polyester filling doesn’t have an odor when you get it, so you never need to air it out. It keeps firm and supportive no matter how many times it gets washed. The My Pillow is supportive like a foam pillow without the weight and firmness. You are able to shape the My Pillow to any way you want it to be able to mold to your body and keep you supported while you are sleeping.

The Pros

In any case, I continued pondering all the guarantees from the site. It assists with neck torment and fibromyalgia and sleep apnea! If you are the type to sleep with an arm under the pillow, then the My Pillow will mold easily to give you a comfortable position to sleep in.

The Cons

The My Pillow isn’t that cheap, but it gives you great support pillow, but when you get ready to commit yourself to a good night sleep, you need the My Pillow. It is worth the price to find a pillow that really hits a home run in all the areas that you need for a good quality pillow. The fact that you are able to count on the My Pillow company to keep you happy and a long warranty. I chose it was most likely in light of the fact that I was tired to the point that I would have dozed like that regardless of the possibility that my head wasn’t laying on the official cushion of the National Sleep Foundation.