New moms can get their bathing suit body back!

You are going to look amazing this spring break. If you are new mom, then you may dread heading out to the beach or even the pool, but there isn’t any reason why you have to put on all those clothes because you don’t have that pre-baby body back yet. There are a lot of guides out there that will help you find the right bathing suit, but none of them cover the postpartum body. Let’s be honest, we have some extra weight around the midsection, we have larger chests now, we just have different concerns from other types of swimsuit shoppers. Below are my favorite after baby swimsuits that show off new mom assets and minimize all the other stuff. Check out for some inspiration.

Banded Block Wide Strap Swimdress by DKNY

Okay, it’s a one piece, but they can be sexy too. This swimsuit has a nice flared out silhouette that will hide that baby weight that you aren’t quite ready to show off yet.

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Tankini by Glamourmom

Some moms are all about nursing their babies, so with this swimsuit you don’t have to worry about flashing the whole beach with this tankini. It comes with a built in nursing bra, and it has all of the benefits of a nursing tank top with the added benefits of having a high waisted bikini brief that will hold in the postpartum belly.

We all would love to get back into our bathing suits after giving birth and lets face it, we all want to look cute in our bathing suits The reality is the only way you’ll get your bikini body back is time and great nutrition.

Pick Your Fit Festival Stripe Swimdress by Athena

Support that new mom cup size with a swimsuit that has been created for us moms that have larger chests. This swimdress has a really cute a-line style that is flowy, but the molded cups will give new moms plenty of support for the increased bust size.

Mojito Blouson Tankini Top by Miraclesuit

Their famous tagline says that it makes us mama’s look like we lost 10 pounds in less than 10 minutes. I can’t actually guarantee that it does that, but I will say that it flatters a postpartum body. The blouson top and the banded bottom actually help to cover the hips and waist, which make it great for us moms whose bodies aren’t what they used to be.


Draped Front One Piece Swimdress by BadgleyMischka

If you are wanting some good coverage where you need it most then this swimdress is perfect. It has a draped, crisscross top that has a lot of space for that large bust and it has a ruffled bottom to hide those excess pounds.

Sun Seeker One Piece Swimsuit by L-Space

This swimsuit was designed to hide all of the little flaws that we think we have. It has a draped top that keeps the extra fluffy midsection weight completely out of sight.

Plus Size Tiered Ruffled Swimdress by Swim Solutions

This ruffled swimdress supports a larger bust while being able to hide extra weight from peeping eyes under really awesomely placed ruffles.

These swimsuits are great for expecting mothers and even postpartum mothers. They work great for the beach as well, so you can show off that hot mom body you have.

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