I’ll Be Back – Leaving the Breastfeeding Baby

Maybe you just want to run to the grocery store and shop for 10 minutes by yourself; or maybe you would really like to meet a girlfriend for a movie. Either way, a lot more thought will now probably be put into what used to be a spur of the moment decision(before you became a mommy)!

Protect Breastfeeding – If at all possible, put off trips that are going to take longer than 20-30 minutes until the baby is several weeks old. It is recommended that breastfed babies nurse on demand, so longer trips could jeopardize the breastfeeding relationship if it is not well established. If you are feeling tired and touched out, here are a few suggestions for re-energizing your body and spirit.

Listen to Your Baby – Your baby will most likely let you know if they are okay with you being gone for an extended amount of time. If after running short errands a few times a week your baby is typically happily cooing on your partners chest when you get home, then they will probably be fine if you are gone a bit longer! Your baby will probably be most comfortable if they are spending time with someone that they know, trust, and have a strong attachment to.

Stay Close – If your baby is in the first months of life, sometimes it is easier to take a break while remaining relatively close to your baby. Our first evening out was dinner at the neighbors house where I was able to run across the street anytime my son needed to nurse.

Leave Enough Milk – This is a big one!  This site has some tips for determining how much milk your baby may need while you are gone. Packing milk in smaller quantities will ensure that no milk is wasted. Be sure that whoever your baby is staying with is familiar with common hunger cues and knows to feed whenever your little one shows signs of being hungry.

Have fun!