Do you take prenatal vitamins if pregnant?

If you are unsure about taking a prenatal vitamin while you are pregnant this should help you. They are necessary to get all the nutrients that you as well as your baby needs, even if you are eating a variety of food that includes dairy, vegetables, legumes, dairy products, grains, and fruits.

Breastfeeding and prenatal vitamins

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Many women will benefit from taking prenatal vitamins normally before they are trying to conceive. It is almost like an insurance policy to ensure that you are getting all the right nutrients during your pregnancy.

If you have dietary restrictions, pregnancy complications, or health issues. This does include those who are vegans/vegetarians, smoke, lactose intolerant, have eating disorders, have blood disorders, have had gastric bypass surgery have chronic diseases or are having multiples.

There are two really important nutrients in prenatal vitamins that you will need because there isn’t enough in food alone and those are iron and folic acid.To find out more about the health benefits of prenatal vitamins check out and

Folic acid?

Folic acid is a B vitamin that if you take it before you conceive and early in your pregnancy can loweryour chance of neural tube defects by 70{bd38cf312d03cb4cf2fa886c66cfea904e95a03e5609678ac40f4e3903a57cd6} such as spina bifida, and it can also reduce the chance of other defects like cleft palate and certain heart defects and lower the risk of preeclampsia.

How to start off nursing your baby?

Iron helps moms to be meet the needs that are increased during pregnancy. Not having enough iron can lead to iron deficiency anemia, which having enough iron will cut the risk of infant mortality, preterm deliveries, and low birth weight.

Calcium may be in a prenatal, but it may not be enough. So you may have to eat food that are high in calcium.

Other prenatal vitamin choices

You will also need essential fatty acids like DHA, EPA, and Omega-3 which are really important for the development of the baby’s nerve, eye tissue and brain. Fish is a major source of these fatty acids, but you have to be really careful about not eating too much fish because of mercury.

You should begin taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you have realized that you are pregnant. Since, folic acid is really important in the early weeks of your pregnancy, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins before you even conceive, that is why even if you are on birth control, they recommend taking folic acid with it. Taking prenatal vitamins for at least three months before you conceive will help lessen morning sickness and if you are going to breastfeed, your doctor may recommend that you continue to take a prenatal vitamin once your baby has been born.

Prenatal vitamins are really important for those who are wanting to conceive or for those who are expecting. It allows moms to be a chance to have a very healthy pregnancy and to lower the risk of birth defects. Your doctor will be able to recommend a prenatal vitamin that will work with you and help you to find out what you need to be able to carry that wonderful miracle full term.

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