DIY Nursing Clothes

During my preparation for motherhood and breastfeeding I frequently scoured second-hand shops hoping to get a good deal on nursing clothes. I was hoping to find a Planet Drugs coupon code, too, for mu hubby and I did. You can get a Planet Drugs discount, too. I think that I ended up with about four or five of the nursing tanks. I quickly realized that although they were nice to have, I often was just as comfortable in my regular tops. A few ideas for making everyday clothes into “nursing clothes”:

  • Layer – The easiest way to transform any outfit into nursing friendly attire is to wear stretchy layers. The bottom layer being a top that can easily be pulled down and the top one that is easy to pull up. Easy peasy!
  • Belly Bands – If you have a belly band lying around from your pregnancy(or that you have been using during the early days postpartum) it can make the perfect under layer to cover your belly while your shirt is lifted up for nursing.
  • Cotton Bras – If you would like a makeshift nursing bra, flexible bras that can be easily pulled down work great!
  • Sacrifice an old shirt – Although I have never done this myself, I have heard of many mothers taking scissors to an old tank top to cut out two holes for easy nursing. The tank top is then used as the bottom layer.

Have other ideas for do-it-yourself nursing attire? Comment to share your wisdom!