Breastfeeding Resolutions in 2017

Happy new year everyone! Also, Happy anniversary for all of those who have followed the breastfeeding blog since it’s beginning(which happens to have been a year ago this past Wednesday)! This new year I have been thinking about some “attainable” resolutions that I would like to work towards. The resolution that I have chosen this year is simply

“To Be More Present”

I have always been someone who has difficulty slowing down and really enjoying the moment, I seem to always be looking ahead. This is something I am really going to work on this year. I started doing yoga last year and now that the little guy is two, I would like to make more time for my practice. We have even been doing a family calm yoga class on Friday mornings! My family and I will be moving across the country this coming spring and will be simplifying our lives a great deal so that we can get by with less and spend more time together as a family.

I am also pledging to focus on the same resolution when it comes to breastfeeding. Now that I have reached the two year mark with my son, the ball is pretty much in his court. He may decide that he wants to wean this year, or perhaps weaning is a little while away still. Either way, I am going to “be more present” by really tuning into this little guy who is growing so fast. I am going to remind myself to slow down and enjoy those few cuddle filled nursing times that we have each day. Because….. before I know it, our breastfeeding relationship will be over and I know I will miss it oh so much.