Biological Nurturing – Laid-Back Breastfeeding

With the overwhelming flow of emotions that comes with welcoming your new baby to the world, figuring out the perfect cross-cradle breastfeeding hold might be low on your list of things to master. You probably just want to snuggle your baby close on your chest and take in his wonderful scent. Fortunately, breastfeeding babies do not typically need special positions. A technique often referred to as Biological Nurturing, or laid-back breastfeeding, can help baby and mom find their natural rhythm.

To hold your baby in a Biological Nurturing position: lay back in a semi-reclined position, with pillows supporting your lower back and body, so that you are comfortable.

Place your baby tummy down so that all of their weight is resting on your chest.

Your hands are now free to caress and touch your baby!

Your baby may begin rooting around trying to find your breast; guide your baby to your breast and help them latch on (if they do not amaze you and do it by themselves!).

Some wonderful benefits to Biological Nurturing include:

  • Gravity helps ensure a wide and close fitting latch.
  • Your baby has their entire body is supported, as opposed to other holds which often leave their feet dangling.
  • Promotes your childs natural ability to self-latch.
  • You are able to fully relax and caress your baby while nursing.