Baby Acne

During pregnancy and labor, a baby receives a surge of hormones that are transferred to her from her mama via the placenta. One of the side affects of this hormone kick is baby acne. If your baby develops small pimples on her face, back, or other areas of her body that look remarkably similar to the acne that a teenager would develop, it is usually nothing to worry about. Baby acne can start any time after birth and it is completely normal for it to stick around for a few months; it is also normal for the acne to peak around 3 or 4 weeks of age.  So what can you do to care for your baby’s skin in the mean time?

  • Creams or lotions are not usually necessary, and could irritate the skin; you can simply rinse your baby’s face with water during bath time.
  • Keep your little one dressed appropriately for the weather, sweat can make baby acne worse. A good rule of thumb during the early months is for baby to be wearing one light layer more than what you are wearing.
  • Breastmilk works wonders for soothing irritated skin and it is unlikely it will make anything worse! Rub a bit on the skin whenever you remember.

Be sure to keep an eye on the rash and get some professional advice if it starts to look like eczema or a rash related to food allergies. I know it is hard to see your baby’s beautiful face covered in patches of acne, but baby acne does go away! More likely than not you will barely remember that it was ever even a concern.