Medela coupons

Are there actually Medela coupons available.  We’ve all heard of the brand and we know how great they are but can you get Medela breast pumps at a reduced price?  The truth is that Medela doesn’t really discount because they don’t have to.  They have such a great reputation that there really isn’t any need.  Occasionally an online store will have a Medela promo where they discount Medela products but it doesn’t happen very often.  That’s why I put this page together, because I’ll keep an eye out for promos and list them below.

Reviews of Hairfinity

Hairfinity is one of those really innovative products that will give you long, thick hair simply by promoting growth and really nourishing your hair from the inside. It claims to be able to do this by using their patented Capilsana Complex, which is giving a really nice blend of 18 different amino acids and essential vitamins.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, everyone wants supermodel Herbal Essence type hair or just hair that looks its best all the time. In today’s world, that is what everyone is striving for, and our hair is the first thing that people notice these days. So, keeping that in mind Hairfinity will help your hair look healthier, while it maximizes the length and growth.

Hairfinity states that their supplement only uses certain vitamins and amino acids as well as a special form of sulfur to help encourage your hair to grow. It has also been clinically proven to improve the hair, your scalp health, and increase the elasticity and strength of your hair as well as promote growth.

A healthy body is the best environment for your hair to really thrive in, and this supplement will give your body all the right nutrients that it needs to look its best. As a result, you will get over an inch of growth a month. Not to mention that amazing skin and strong, healthy nails to go with it.

My Review

Out of all the Hairfinity reviews I’ve read – this is the best. The only main thing that can go wrong is acne and oily skin and sometimes a head ache. It is recommended that you drink a whole lot of water while taking Hairfinity, to help with these issues. The headache after 2 weeks was gone, so I believe it was just my bodies way of saying, hey something new, get it out of me. Once I got past the largeness of the pills and having to take 2 of them a day, everything went like I expected it too.

It arrived on time, and shipped well. I order from Amazon for hassle free options. The price is a bit steep though, I am not complaining because I ended up with great results and some unexpected results too. My nails have always been really brittle and I could never really grow them out. I now have long, strong nails that are really healthy. Now it does contain Biotin, which can cause some adverse reactions, such as a rash, but other than that I didn’t see anything wrong.

I liked the fact that it has a 30-day money back guarantee.

I really should have listened to other hairfinity reviewsThis site also does a good job reviewing Hairfinity.

I cut my hair between those two months so my hair would really be longer than it is today.  Try

I didn’t encounter any reactions other than the skin inflammation. The cases were anything but difficult to swallow and goes down well while eating sustenance.  Speed up your hair growth.

Is Hairfinity Worth a Try?

Hairfinity asserts the contrast amongst theirs and different brands is that the selective Capilsana complex gives an exceptional sulfer and 18 amino acids that support solid hair development.

Overall, I had some really positive results and my hair has never looked this great. I have less shedding, more growth, and some really cool surprise growth for my nails. Now, this may not work for everyone, but it worked for me and I would certainly recommend Hairfinity to anyone who is looking for that OMG hair that everyone, including celebrities brag about. Even though it can be a bit expensive, it is worth it in the long run.


Review of the My Pillow

When it comes down to My Pillow, you are looking a pillow that will give you a great night sleep without any hassle. The luxurious My Pillow is poly filled and the patented interlocking fill creates great support that doesn’t flatten the way that normal poly filled pillows will. This unique design gives you a supportive and cool comfort that keeps your back and head in the right position to help avoid common sleep related issues and even reduce pain from illnesses and injuries.

On to the My Pillow review

Your neck is most vulnerable when you are sleeping and when it is unsupported it can bend in ways that make it really hard to stay asleep and even cause pinched nerves and create tender and sore muscles. The pinched nerves in your neck are the main causes for headaches and some migraines, sore shoulders, lower back pain, sore legs, tingling in the arms, and stiff neck muscles. The My Pillow provides you with firm support that allows you to rest on a comfortable and cool surface that is smooth and lush like a 5-star resort.  I read lots of My Pillow reviews, including this one.

My Pillow offers a patented interlocking fill, 4 different loft choices, a 10-year warranty, it is made in the USA, is machine washable, and will not flatten.

Time for my review of the My Pillow

The filling for My Pillow is completely made in the USA and only of the highest quality fibers. It comes with an open cell design that gives the pillow resilience, allows for great air flow, and buoyancy that keeps the pillow cool, reduces body and room heat and keeps moisture and mildew as well as model in the core. Because My Pillow is washable, you can keep the whole pillow clean just by throwing it in the washer and dryer, so you are able to sleep comfortably without a chemical smell.

Why I chose to buy the My Pillow

I’d for quite some time been captivated by the My Pillow plugs and had a companion let me know quite a long while prior that she worshiped her My Pillow and it was the best one she’d ever had. However, I just couldn’t accommodate requesting a cushion online that I’d never felt or tried and on the off chance that you’ve been understanding this web journal sufficiently long you know I could snooze off in the walkway seat of a plane with no neck pad.

The My Pillow tick of approval

The My Pillow is so well designed that the company offers the longest guarantees in the sleep industry. You will get a 10-year warranty. Unlike foam pillows, this polyester filling doesn’t have an odor when you get it, so you never need to air it out. It keeps firm and supportive no matter how many times it gets washed. The My Pillow is supportive like a foam pillow without the weight and firmness. You are able to shape the My Pillow to any way you want it to be able to mold to your body and keep you supported while you are sleeping.

The Pros

In any case, I continued pondering all the guarantees from the site. It assists with neck torment and fibromyalgia and sleep apnea! If you are the type to sleep with an arm under the pillow, then the My Pillow will mold easily to give you a comfortable position to sleep in.

The Cons

The My Pillow isn’t that cheap, but it gives you great support pillow, but when you get ready to commit yourself to a good night sleep, you need the My Pillow. It is worth the price to find a pillow that really hits a home run in all the areas that you need for a good quality pillow. The fact that you are able to count on the My Pillow company to keep you happy and a long warranty. I chose it was most likely in light of the fact that I was tired to the point that I would have dozed like that regardless of the possibility that my head wasn’t laying on the official cushion of the National Sleep Foundation.

New moms can get their bathing suit body back!

You are going to look amazing this spring break. If you are new mom, then you may dread heading out to the beach or even the pool, but there isn’t any reason why you have to put on all those clothes because you don’t have that pre-baby body back yet. There are a lot of guides out there that will help you find the right bathing suit, but none of them cover the postpartum body. Let’s be honest, we have some extra weight around the midsection, we have larger chests now, we just have different concerns from other types of swimsuit shoppers. Below are my favorite after baby swimsuits that show off new mom assets and minimize all the other stuff. Check out for some inspiration.

Banded Block Wide Strap Swimdress by DKNY

Okay, it’s a one piece, but they can be sexy too. This swimsuit has a nice flared out silhouette that will hide that baby weight that you aren’t quite ready to show off yet.

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Tankini by Glamourmom

Some moms are all about nursing their babies, so with this swimsuit you don’t have to worry about flashing the whole beach with this tankini. It comes with a built in nursing bra, and it has all of the benefits of a nursing tank top with the added benefits of having a high waisted bikini brief that will hold in the postpartum belly.

We all would love to get back into our bathing suits after giving birth and lets face it, we all want to look cute in our bathing suits The reality is the only way you’ll get your bikini body back is time and great nutrition.

Pick Your Fit Festival Stripe Swimdress by Athena

Support that new mom cup size with a swimsuit that has been created for us moms that have larger chests. This swimdress has a really cute a-line style that is flowy, but the molded cups will give new moms plenty of support for the increased bust size.

Mojito Blouson Tankini Top by Miraclesuit

Their famous tagline says that it makes us mama’s look like we lost 10 pounds in less than 10 minutes. I can’t actually guarantee that it does that, but I will say that it flatters a postpartum body. The blouson top and the banded bottom actually help to cover the hips and waist, which make it great for us moms whose bodies aren’t what they used to be.


Draped Front One Piece Swimdress by BadgleyMischka

If you are wanting some good coverage where you need it most then this swimdress is perfect. It has a draped, crisscross top that has a lot of space for that large bust and it has a ruffled bottom to hide those excess pounds.

Sun Seeker One Piece Swimsuit by L-Space

This swimsuit was designed to hide all of the little flaws that we think we have. It has a draped top that keeps the extra fluffy midsection weight completely out of sight.

Plus Size Tiered Ruffled Swimdress by Swim Solutions

This ruffled swimdress supports a larger bust while being able to hide extra weight from peeping eyes under really awesomely placed ruffles.

These swimsuits are great for expecting mothers and even postpartum mothers. They work great for the beach as well, so you can show off that hot mom body you have.

For some inspiration try

Do you take prenatal vitamins if pregnant?

If you are unsure about taking a prenatal vitamin while you are pregnant this should help you. They are necessary to get all the nutrients that you as well as your baby needs, even if you are eating a variety of food that includes dairy, vegetables, legumes, dairy products, grains, and fruits.

Breastfeeding and prenatal vitamins

The short answer is yes.  Check out some great reviews  Spring Valley Prenatal Vitamins are considered some of the best prenatal vitamins around. is a site that I got some great info from.

Many women will benefit from taking prenatal vitamins normally before they are trying to conceive. It is almost like an insurance policy to ensure that you are getting all the right nutrients during your pregnancy.

If you have dietary restrictions, pregnancy complications, or health issues. This does include those who are vegans/vegetarians, smoke, lactose intolerant, have eating disorders, have blood disorders, have had gastric bypass surgery have chronic diseases or are having multiples.

There are two really important nutrients in prenatal vitamins that you will need because there isn’t enough in food alone and those are iron and folic acid.To find out more about the health benefits of prenatal vitamins check out and

Folic acid?

Folic acid is a B vitamin that if you take it before you conceive and early in your pregnancy can loweryour chance of neural tube defects by 70% such as spina bifida, and it can also reduce the chance of other defects like cleft palate and certain heart defects and lower the risk of preeclampsia.

How to start off nursing your baby?

Iron helps moms to be meet the needs that are increased during pregnancy. Not having enough iron can lead to iron deficiency anemia, which having enough iron will cut the risk of infant mortality, preterm deliveries, and low birth weight.

Calcium may be in a prenatal, but it may not be enough. So you may have to eat food that are high in calcium.

Other prenatal vitamin choices

You will also need essential fatty acids like DHA, EPA, and Omega-3 which are really important for the development of the baby’s nerve, eye tissue and brain. Fish is a major source of these fatty acids, but you have to be really careful about not eating too much fish because of mercury.

You should begin taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you have realized that you are pregnant. Since, folic acid is really important in the early weeks of your pregnancy, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins before you even conceive, that is why even if you are on birth control, they recommend taking folic acid with it. Taking prenatal vitamins for at least three months before you conceive will help lessen morning sickness and if you are going to breastfeed, your doctor may recommend that you continue to take a prenatal vitamin once your baby has been born.

Prenatal vitamins are really important for those who are wanting to conceive or for those who are expecting. It allows moms to be a chance to have a very healthy pregnancy and to lower the risk of birth defects. Your doctor will be able to recommend a prenatal vitamin that will work with you and help you to find out what you need to be able to carry that wonderful miracle full term.

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Cute rain boots for women

If you live in an area that is known for being muddy and wet all the time, then you know you need rain boots. The problem is where do you find all the cute ones. This can be a real issue for trying to look cute and still keep your feet from being cold and soaked in whatever you are marching through. The research has been done, shopping and comparing done. Below are some of the best and cutest rain boots for women. You don’t have to worry about going wrong with these boots at all.

L.L. Bean Wellie

We found out a lot of information about cute rain boots for women at

These boots have aced all of the water resistance test and have really won over people because it has a really easy on and off style. It has a comfy contoured bottom that really makes it almost feel like you are walking barefoot, but without the mud squishing through your toes. The lining fabric is really soft, there is only one issue it does take a bit for it to dry if the inside gets wet. It has 5 different prints and colors and only comes in whole sizes.

Hunter Original Tall Boot

The shaft of this boot will come up to right under your knee, which helps to keep that nasty rain out. That is a really good thing because it does take a while for the lining to be completely dry. The shaft is kind of narrow, so if you have a wide calf, these may feel too snug. They come in over 12 different colors and only in whole sizes. Check out

Western Chief Buckle Rain Boot

This boot comes in a lot of novelty prints, which really brighten even the darkest, rainy day. There is a side buckle which is great for larger calves and legs or even tucking your pants in. It has a cotton knit lining that dries pretty quickly. There are more than 20 different prints to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

Burberry Check Rainboots

If you are a fan of this tartan design, then you will be glad to know that these really take the cake when it comes to rainboots. It aced water resistance tests and the lining dried really quickly. The fit is amazing but the foot bed isn’t really cushioned, but it works. It only comes in charcoal or dark camel.


Dav Rain Victoria Style Scot Design Boot

The unique checkered, plaid style of this boot does leave a bit to be desired but it works great for what it needs to do. The back laces up, which gives plenty of room for those who have large calves or for those who like to tuck their pants into the boot. There is a rear curve on the shaft of the boot which makes it really comfortable on the lef and the micro-fleece interior keeps your feet warm and dry. There is also a spur stop which makes it easier to remove the boot. It only has one design but it works.